Angela Lewis Brown

Angela Lewis Brown

Just played 'You Do Something To Me' by Angela Lewis Brown on Spiral Wave Radio - the Isolation Specials...  a hauntingly emotional rock 'n' soul update of the Paul Weller classic. Love it!

Martin Cramp - Spiral Wave Radio

Excellent choice of songs Angela, you really Rock on Watchtower!! 

Lucas Campbell

Love it Angela..... looking so much forward to the release.... !!! Your voice is fantastic.... !!!!

Inger Tellefsen

Really great very raw sneak peek of a coming single from Angela Lewis Brown Its raw and good.

Jan Boogaloo

I love Angela's music, and she is one of the few artists I actually listen to for my own listening pleasure! 'You Do Something To Me' & 'All Along The Watchtower' simply blew me away. Looking forward to much more music from one of my favourite artists.

Elaine Lamb - Heat fm Radio (New York)
Sparkle fm Radio

Beautiful and powerful , congrats I want to hear more!

Brenda Stone

Our newest featured artist of the week!! Let's venture over to the UK for this one. I'm a new follower of her music and it instantly packed a punch!! I am speaking of the blues infused roots rock music of Angela Lewis Brown!! She has powerhouse vocals full of so much soul, it can tear the roof off of any venue she would step foot into.

Jon Sexauer‎ - One World Radio Network


Originally hailing from the Northern Industrial town of Huddersfield, Angela’s musical journey has been long and varied. Growing up with the sounds of Northern soul emanating from her older brother's room, the seeds of musical diversity were taking shape.

As time went on powerful singers such as Janis Joplin and Tina Turner influenced her. Moulding the style she is delivering today into a fusion of Rock, Soul, and Blues.

Angela came into the music business quite late in her life. Only starting when her partner, and now manager, first heard her singing in the kitchen. He recalls, “I knew nothing about the music Industry and even less about music itself, but her voice touched me so deeply, I just knew it was a journey we had to go on together.”

Once the journey of discovery began, it saw Angela write ten songs, which they recorded at a friend's house in London. She recalls, “It was the first time I had ever sung into a mike, let alone record anything; and I wanted a soulful groove to what I wrote, but we ended up with a Europop sound. I was too afraid to speak out, as I thought everyone else knew what they were doing. Although I was kinda proud of what we ultimately achieved, it was the first and last time I let anyone dictate the music to me.” One of the songs got a modern dance remix done, which led to Angela performing the song on the Lorraine Kelly show. Appearances on GMTV and regional TV followed; as well as features in National, Regional and local press. Live appearances included many gay pride events including Birmingham, Leeds and Blackpool. The track sold 5,000 copies and ended up at No 4 in the UK dance charts.

Two more top 10 dance tracks followed; and although seen as a fantastic achievement, the musical integrity simply wasn’t there. So Angela left the EDM scene behind and embarked upon the journey toward her passion. This was to go though several phases before reaching her goal of the sound she has today. The first phase was a more experimental soulful sound which had influences of jazz, soft rock and house. With this, an independent label deal was signed. However, it amounted to nothing apart from appearances at events such as the Northampton soul weekender; that saw Angela performing to bigger crowds and developing her live persona. 

The failure of her record label to help her achieve her true musical vision left her despondent about the music industry. Upon starting a family, she decided to take time away from the music business.

A move to Blackpool, and a chance meeting with an ex bass player of Shakatak, Steve Underwood; encouraged her back into the studio to produce a demo album with a blues feel. Although never intended for release, several blues dj’s heard it and played the tracks on their internet radio shows. This led to her album unexpectedly becoming the Independent Blues Broadcasting Association (IBBA) album of the month in  October 2016. Through word of mouth alone, it even made it into the Top 10 of the Australian Blues chart in the same year. Unfortunately, a family crisis prevented a band being assembled to support the album; and it was decided to shelve any plans of a formal release. Particularly as the sound still hadn't quite achieved the power that Angela was aspiring to. 

However in 2019, Angela signed to indie label Wobbly Music, and with this début 2-track single, she feels that she is finally getting close the sound she's looking for. 2020 sees the release of some alternative versions of a song that was popular from her demo blues album. From blues, she has so far explored Classic Rock, Acoustic, Retro Dance and Indie Dance genres.


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