-Face the music-

The style and flow of the album has a huge range like - 'Better Man' giving a gritty, earthy growl about finding a man better than the one she has. It gives a nod of respect to the past with a sense of the present creating the kind of blues only real experience can feel.

Other tracks will take you on an emotional journey; tracks like 'Blues, Blues, Lovin' ' I'm feelin good about me' and 'I' which will make you smile, to the seriously introspective tracks 'Hopeless', 'Summer Nights' and 'Ice Cold Tears', which will make you stop and reflect on life and love. The emotion is heartfelt and the passion and pain can be clearly heard. 'Set Me Free' and 'That’s You' have a genuine sincerity and honesty to them and show a woman clearly with strength and attitude, comfortable in her own skin, prepared to fight for what she believes in. 'I'll Be There' brings the emotional rollercoaster gently to an end...

Leaving the listener, refreshed and energised with a musical experience to be remembered. Each track has been crafted with the heart and soul of blues music throughout the generations to provide the listener with a true emotional experience.

Album available October 2nd 2015!